The Designer's Box

For too long, high-end interior services were a luxury that only a select few could afford. Whether it’s a small apartment or a 2000 square foot house, more than ever people desire, and are coming to appreciate,  the need to live in a place that reflects who they are and what they are about.  With internet technology, barriers of accessibility to holistic  and personalized interior design planning are removed while still being mindful of budget. Creative and elegant design need not be put off until later in life or reserved for a select few.


Welcome to Relish : The Designer’s Box

Trisha Guido, an interior designer with a solid background in computer technology, has been developing interactive and collaborative design processes for years. Unlike a mass-market store, the Designer’s Box is a curated Plan developed specifically for your home and lifestyle, yet allows access to some of the most creative designer lines in furniture, lighting, fabrics, and art that are typically reserved only for those “in the know.”

THE PROCESS is easy and begins with a personal introductory telephone conference where we’ll review a Lifestyle Questionnaire with you. This information will give us all an idea of your interests, needs, design style and initial vision your space. Next, once we receive a number of images you upload to our site and with that information and the square footage of the space, we help you create the best Relish Design Box for your needs.


      • Let's Get Started

        If you have any questions or reservations, please pick up the phone and call us at 800-697-5805 (M-F 9-6 PST).  We are friendly and love what we do, so take a minute to learn more about us personally before you buy.  We will do our best to return your call within 24 hours if you should get voicemail.

      • Tell Us About Your Project

        Download our Online Intake form.  This Lifestyle questionnaire will help us understand the scope of your project and your design style. Click here to view a sample.

      • Show Us Your Vision

        Send us images of the home or rooms (up to 20), a floor plan if you have it as well as any furniture or inspirations you are drawn to.  This could be a scan of a magazine room design you just love or furnishings items that you want to purchase or already have.  It's always best (trust us!) to have a plan at a minimum before you buy items that simply don't work.  They make look great in a showroom on sale or on the internet, but could be wasted money for your home.

      • Do You Have a Floor Plan?

        If you don't have a floor plan available, we will need to start with Measurements of each room. Click here for thoughts and Instructions on Measuring your Space.

      • Select the Best Design in a Box Package for You

        Determine the Best Design in a Box package best suited for your home and needs.  The two main Design Packages are a great starting point unless you are looking to update a particular aspect of the room (i.e. Window Coverings, Paint/Wall treatment, Lighting, etc).  Those Packages can be purchased at a later date once the basic Design Plan is finalized.  Budget range must be included to help narrow down the myriad of choices available to designers.

      • Put Your Plans into Action

        Purchase your Design package by Phone or Online and we will schedule a 45 minute conference call within 3-5 business days.  The purpose of the call is to ensure we have all the items we need as well as a quick review of your Intake Form and specific Goals and challenges.  We always love to "know" the people in the home and what would make it transformative for its inhabitants.

      • Everything you need to get started will arrive in the mail in 2-3 weeks:

        • Interior Design Spread with a page by page overview of your project and the priorities we have defined together. We'll include any inspirational thoughts that suit your space and needs that you may think about now and in future.
        • Space Plan featuring existing furniture and recommendations to suit your needs.
        • Depending on the Type of Package, the Design Box may also include Fabric samples, recommended paint samples/swatches for Color Plan, recommended furniture (w/swatches) and an accessories list to consider.
        • Resource Guide for all details and possible suppliers to help you execute the Design Plan. Please note that we do not exclusively source products we represent. We use a wide range of sources all over the world!

        Here's to improving the world, one room at a time…